Fibre to your apartment

We already cover and array of buildings nationwide.
Yours could be one of them why not check below.

1. Get Started

First of all you should check if we are available in your building already, below we've put together some information on how the process will work.

If we're not already there we urge you to fill out the interest registration form, once we have enough interest we can start to on-board your building. If you can get your friends to register too you will be surprised how quick we can get your building connected.

Check Availability

2. On-Boarding

Once we have enough interest our on-boarding team will reach out to the freeholder or landlord of your building.

This process normally takes us 2-4 weeks while we get the relevant agreements and complete a survey.

Once this is complete our team will aim to get the building connected to our hyper-fast network within 45working days.


3. Your Installation

Once your building is connected we will want to get everyone connected as soon as possible, to join our hyper-fast revolution.

It usually takes our team a couple of hours to install the cable into your apartment, once you have registered our team will book an appointment with you if required.

The InternetTY connection point will be within 10meters of your front door next to the power outlet.


4. Your Free Router

We will always give you a free router as part of your installation. This will be installed in next to the InternetTY connection point.

If you have moved into an apartment where there is already a router the activation process is really simple!

Register on our registration page and we will send you an SMS (text message) with your personal wifi detail, this is usually within a few minutes of placing the order. However this can take up to 24hours.



Here are some of the common questions our customers ask us.
You can upgrade and downgrade your service anytime in your online account area.
By default InternetTY doesn't provide you with a phone service, however you can contact our customer care team who can advise you of your telephone options.
We should be able to bring that all important number to us.
We normally install our connection point within 10 meters of the cable entry point. (usually near the front door).

If you want this placing anywhere else you will need to speak to our team and there could be a small fee involved.
Average speeds achievable by 50% of our users on the relevant packages.
900Mb speed is not achievable by a single device over wifi, for this speed a wired connection is required.
Internetty is a registered supplier of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS) and the Rural Gigabit Connectivity (RGC). Qualifying rural business can get up to £3,500 and Qualifying rural home users can get up to £1,500.

Speak to one of our team to see if the cost of your installation can be covered.
Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch